Bottom of call range/ constructing 3b range live 1-3

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Bottom of call range/ constructing 3b range live 1-3

Utg spit limps
Reg opens 5x utg 1
Spot calls co
Hero has A9cc on Bttn w two spots in the blinds. Hero has 100bb and is covered by all.

Basically, how wide can we flat on the button here at 100bb facing a 5x open and not being squeezed often.

I think we want to have a linear 3b here, and think I’d squeeze ATs+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs+, AQ, AK, TT+, and some T9s, and then A5s-A2s.

If we flat A9s here, is this still linear even tho we’ve broken the line between AT and A5?

I’m also not sure if I should 3b or flat QTs and KTs, but I think 3b is still preferred w the spot flatting the co for isolation and dead money purposes. Wanting to play less multi-way rather than going to a 4+ way flop. If we get 4b it sucks but not end of the world, and still prob better to collect dead money+isolate ip and have profitable post flop situations than to flat and have to flop pretty big to take it post

As for calling range, I’d prob flat 22-88, and then some Ax’s that didn’t get 3b, and some QT and KT, but some of those will be 3b too as well. Not really flatting something like 98s and below at this depth heading to a very likely multi-way pot at 100bb. If I was deeper I’d prob be open to flatting a bit more speculative hands having position and more room to make money post when we d get there as implied odds are a bit better in a live scene.

So I suppose the answer to my own question would be to 3b linear with a touch of mixing towards the bottom end of my linear range. Anyone have additional thoughts to contribute?

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