Bottom pair + FD MW

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Bottom pair + FD MW

Villain is unknown, effective stacks are $500.
nine handed $2-$3-$5
UTG ($550) Opens $15
UTG+1 Fold
MP1 Calls $15
MP2 folds
HJ Folds
CO Calls
SB Calls
BB Hero ($500) 5s4s

Flop ($75) As-Js-4h
SB X, Hero X,
UTG bets $30
MP1 folds, CO folds, SB folds
Hero XR to $120
UTG calls.

Turn ($315) As-Js-4h-8c
Hero all in $365, UTG ?

Being MW I am going to have more value than bluffs. What range are you using in this spot in terms of XR? I would imagine UTG would open $20-$25 with stronger parts of his range as i've seen him vary his bet sizing preflop.

I don't have AA or JJ in my range obviously because I would squeeze to about $90 if I did. I won't have A4o either, so just two combos of A4s. I have 14 value combos and only 4 bluff combos that I can find. Maybe this is ok MW? I don't like bluffing here with JX or KQ really. Maybe I can mix in some KTh, KQh, QTh, what about KsJx? As the preflop caller MW, how many bluffs / value are you supposed to have? As the aggressor preflop heads up, supposed to have 2:1 ratio for your range. What about MW? Does my range below look ok? What would you change?

Value (14)
AJ (9)
A4s (2)
44 (3)

54s (1)
KTs (1)
KQs (1)
QTs (1)

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