Bottom straight vs fishy insta shove

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Bottom straight vs fishy insta shove

Blinds: $0.02/$0.05 (5 Players) CO: $5.00
BN: $5.57
SB: $5.73 (Hero)
BB: $6.05
UTG: $4.51
Tables are anonymous, V is a fish.
Preflop ($0.07) Hero is SB with 7 5
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.16, BB calls $0.11
completing against a fishy player with this hand makes also some sense.
Flop ($0.32) 4 8 T
Hero checks, BB bets $0.16, Hero raises to $0.48, BB calls $0.32
Simplifying my strategy and just checking with my whole range on most flops. Having a BDFD and gutter, I think our hand is a decent candidate to x/r.
Turn ($1.28) 4 8 T 6
Hero checks, BB checks
I think that now I made my first mistake.. I mean at nl5 I should most of the time just play straightforward.. he can easily take a free card with pair+gutter or a draw.. I was blindly hoping for protection bet since I think that this card interacts much better with his range, but probably should just get away these concepts at micros esp against a fish.
River ($1.28) 4 8 T 6 Q
Hero bets $2.00, BB raises to $5.41 and is all in, Hero
now I was like I am not betting that big with Qx and hopefully he is also aware of the fact that the sizing with naked Qx is too big, so what do I rep then? random QQ or maybe QT. That said, wanted to get some rational calls from 87,78,T9,Q9.. and even Q8,QT,Q6.
However, he snap went all in. I felt I had almost nuts OTT and was going for max value like few seconds ago. My intuition was saying me that he has 16 combos of J9, but still. The other part was just saying that he should be betting the turn with that hand.

The main question still remains if the fish is capable of raising worse on this river.. esp vs my 1.56x overbet. I would say that even QT is just calling. Maybe some sets, but not all the time I guess and it was literally insta. I doubt that he would without any consideration just shove top two, even the hand like mine would need some evaluation imo. Fishes are notoriously known for doing this with their nuts, are not they?

So my two questions:
1. Is it really a big mistake to check the turn (even vs a reg)?
2. Is he snap shoving worse OTR so that we can justify calling (doubt that he is bluffing with any relevant frequency))

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