Breakeven Player after 1,5Million Hands! Need help!

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Breakeven Player after 1,5Million Hands! Need help!

Hello Everyone!
I'm playing pokerstars zoom 2-4table, i have read some books at the beginning to get the most basic basics, watched most Lacrioste and Carroter videos, and watching random vids I think might be useful.I was RCP member and watched all of W34Z3Ls videos yet I still struggle to improve. I try to learn from my database and hand history. Though I dont really know how should i review. Most of the time I end up thinking on "Well, it can be a bluff if V holds these and folds that, Ooor if i change smh i get completely different result..." so I just never know if I made a mistake or not.
Poker taught me that I'm a slow learner, and that i might be retarded, and may be forever microstakes player. It took me like 300k hands on 2NL to get to 5, then with multiple falling down from 5 and 10, i have around 600k 2NL hands, around 400k 5NL, and I'm already over 700k at 10NL. I had some succes some time, and took shots at 25NL but fall back always. So now I'm grinding 10NL again, and I just cant find a way to win even here anymore. I was never a crusher at 10NL, but my last 100k+ hands are losing a bit. I try to always improve,so change something in my game frequently, so i dont really know what changing made me a fish, but my showdown winnings became just terrible. My redline used to go down like 150bb/1000, and my blue was correcting it to be positive. Now my red is like 50-100/1000 in negative, but my blue line doesnt even move.
I know my stats like this wont show much, but ill write them anyway^^
so around: VPIP:21, PFR:18, RFI:25, 3Bet:8, 4Bet range: 2,23, 4Bet:8 (im using PT4 4Bet includes Cold4bets, as range only after RFI) WTSD: 27,5, WSD:57,5 (Although its decreasing nowadays :() , WWSF:47, Rake above 7bb/100 rakeback 1,2%
If Anyone is interested I'll post pictures with my graphs, and stats, anything u need, Now I'll even appreciate if u can recommend some good vids for a beginner who doesnt even know how to valuebet at the micros. I welcome any ideas, advice, will answer questions, hope I'm in the right place to actually learn somethin.

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