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BTN RFI vs bitchboi Blinds

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BTN RFI vs bitchboi Blinds

I'm talkin about SB that 3bets too little with playable hands and flats too wide with theory -ev hands, and a BB that folds too little overall and does not 3bet enough either and will come in multiway hot and wide when SB flats

Question is - do -ev hands (-0.01) become 0 or positive ev vs these blinds? So something like 53s min raised btn is going to be ass blasted by aggressive regs making it 0 ev, but against these guys is 53s positive now?

OR do you think its better to play tighter vs these blinds, like a mixed 0ev is now pure fold since you got less fold equity.

I can see the arguments going both way but I am leaning towards expanding my rfi vs weaker blinds.

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