BTN vs BB SRP K66r suits that confuse me

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BTN vs BB SRP K66r suits that confuse me

I am currently studying BTN vs BB SRP - i came over the board Kh6d6c.

BB xR strat:
- backdoorflushdraw + backdoorstraight draw hands: f.e 54s, 78s,75s QJs etc
- Ax that unblock his bet / folds A2s - A4s.
- Axo that block his trips: As 4h pure xR as it blocks A6s and 64s (As 4c 0%xR as it doesnt block A6s nor 46s)

Now my question: When I hove over A7s i was very sure to see A7hh and A7ss to be very aggro as they block A6s and A7s and A7dd and A7cc to be more passiv for the mentioned reasons. Well, it's the complete opposite.

Can someone explain me this?
Would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

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