Bttn isolation 3 way on super wet flop

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Bttn isolation 3 way on super wet flop

2-5 Live

1 limp 100bb

Hero isolate KcTh Bttn to $25

Sb cold calls and is playing pretty wide. Limping stuff like 98o and 43s from utg, he has around $130 behind

Limper calls

Flop 789ccx
Flop $73

Checks to Hero

Basically, what are the best hands to cbet here and why? As far as sizing, I’m probably using small and checking back a ton. I think naturally a hand like QcTx or KcTx are better hands to cbet. I’m guessing that if the shorty jams we are just barely priced in to call, and QT is going to perform better against JT having a J out. Do we just cbet QT combos checking back some with no club, and then do the same with KT?

In game I just checked back flop, turn was a 4 and it checked to me again and I checked back. Riv was a 2 and it checked down. Wasn’t sure if I missed a bet here or not. Seems reasonable to not fire turn or river after missing a cbet. But not sure if we should be cbetting or not

Given this more thought, I really like the idea of checking back QT specifically because I think our implied odds on a J are very good while our cbet success is likely very low. And it’s a disaster to bet and get either pushed off equity or bet and Gii with the shorty in a very neutral situation when we can just check to realize equity and have implied odds.

However, I’m still unsure if we can fire a delayed cbet or not once we miss a flop cbet on this specific turn card. Intersted to hear thoughts on this as I don’t have a clear or strong opinion here

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