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Call 3bets IP losing results!

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Call 3bets IP losing results!

Ok so i play microstakes z10 and z16 with a decent winrate 3-6bb/100 over decent sample.

I filtered the calls i've made in position and the results shocked me! i thought it is logical to be winning for example for pocket pairs.

The results are these!

I call all pocketpairs 22-JJ. All suited connectors and one gappers(some times also). Suited aces (some times and oppenent accordingly). And I think i follow correctly some GTO ranges.

Even with variance applied, these calls would be still losing. What am i missing? The problem is that i cant filter solo hands such as 86s because the sample will be too low for results. Which hands may be my blunders? is it rake? is my range too loose?

Post flop I play optimally i would say.

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