calling 3 bets oop + A8s

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calling 3 bets oop + A8s

Very common spot for me in live games. In this particular hand I have Ac8c with about $600 effective and villain has me covered. He seems to be active with some of his 3 bets but a little bit fishy. Postflop he is not very active unless he has a strong hand. Curious what hands you all are calling preflop with in this spot?

UTg folds
utg1 folds
Hero ($600) MP1 Ac8c opens $15
Villain ($1500) Mp2 / LJ 3bets to $45
5 folds.
Hero ?

3 bet range in my pool is TT+ AQs, but usually JJ+ and AK probably less than half the time, so very nutted range.
Calling range for me previously was 22-QQ, AK, J10s-KQs, KJs, A10s-AQs. When stacks are deeper I would expand some of the SCs as you seen from my previous postings.

Is my calling range correct? AK and QQ for me are a mix depending if there is dead money from callers in between and likely hood it goes multi-way. Also if effective stack is shorter, ill tighten up my range to basically TT+ AK and just not give short stacks much action.

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