calling 3bet from UTG+1

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calling 3bet from UTG+1

1/2 live game $600 deep and cover villain

UTG - limp
UTG+1 - AJdd - raise to $12 (hero).
Folds to LJ - 3bets $42.
I call and Heads up to flop


Hero - check.
Villain - bets $50.


Hero - Check
Villain Check


Hero - check.
Villain - bets $120

Villain shows 99 for boat

In game I tank for awhile. I pretty certain that this villain isn't betting this sizing with any of his 1010-KK hands. Figured the check on turn could represent a few things. Pot control/two street game with AQ/AK type hands, checking down his big pairs under Ace. Think its a pretty bad river call given its hard for him to show up here with worse. He's not betting A10suited like this and I'm losing to thinner value hands like AQ, and crushed by traps like 99. Maybe a really small frequency he turns a hand like KK thinking Im very capped but very unlikely.

Wondering if folding pre is too tight given I immediately found myself in an awkward spot on an Ace high dry board.

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