Calling Range PF

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Calling Range PF

1-2 Live

Villain in this hand is raising pretty much anything playable from any position; 87s, ATo, KTo, etc, and then limping what seems to be any two cards; J8o, 93o, T4o etc

Described villain makes it $8 in LJ and covers hero
Hero is HJ w $440 and A7hh
Co, Bttn, sb and Bb Are all recreationals with around 100-150bb, except for Bb who has 30bb(and is older guy who seems passive)

Rake structure is that we get raked preflop even if we don’t get a call. So if we reraise, they auto gonna take $7.....

In a scenario where we aren’t raked preflop, i think this makes a really nice 3b; we are deep, unlikely to get 4b light, he has a range of hands that can call and c/f flop, and a range of hands that just fold preflop.

With the rake, i imagine calling becomes a lot more attractive an option. I’m a little unused to flatting much of anything off the button, but in passive games, I think I can be doing a bit more of this type of stuff with hands that draw to the nuts, especially with some depth behind. I folded in the moment but think it’s probably better to continue with a call, or a 3!, but probably a call, and then 3! With a more linear range of things like A9s+, KTs+, A5s-A2s etc(these benefit getting better Ax to fold preflop more and have disguised but combos)

Agree, disagree?

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