Calling ranges for live poker + videos???

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Calling ranges for live poker + videos???

Looking for some videos on calling ranges for full ring. I play in a 3 blind structure game in California BTN $2, SB $3, & BB $5. Standard open is $20, with some people doing $15 and some $25. Used to be more people doing $25, but as the games get more modern, smaller sizing is being used.

It is a $500 max buy-in (100bb) but most pots are going 3-5 ways. 3 bets are generally pretty tight JJ+, not many recs 3 betting AK. 3 bet szing is usually $60-$100 (12-20bb).

Are playing small pairs 22-55 profitable in these games from EP? Working on some tight range construction dropping the lower SCs and Axs from my EP range.

Watched some of Serge Pouliot videos. I am surprised the learning paths do not have a video on calling ranges facing an open as this is generally the biggest leak people have.

Also recently picked up the Mental Game p1 and both of Janda's books. Are his preflop guidines still reliable? I beleive Peter Clark said polarized is old school and more people are using linear and mixed strategy for 3 bets.

Recommended videos????
Thanks in Advance

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