Can I call river all in ??

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Can I call river all in ??

Blinds 4 $0.50/$1
CO Player5 $150.50
D Hero $114.64
SB Player3 $100
BB Player4 $181.41

Hero is BTN $1.50 4
Player5 (CO) raises to $2.14, Hero raises to $7, 2 folds, Player5 (CO) calls $4.86


$15.50 2
Player5 (CO) checks, Hero bets $9.57, Player5 (CO) calls $9.57


$34.64 2
7c10cQh Ac
Player5 (CO) bets $24.65, Hero calls $24.65


$83.94 2
7c10cQh Ac 2h
Player5 (CO) goes all-in $109.28, Hero ???

vs reg, but I have not reads...

preflop - sometimes 3bet, sometimes f
flop - 2/3 sizing, because board is wet
turn - I am really surprised that he is donking, Ac is good for my range, but call anyway...
river - all in?? I have a strong blocker Jc so he reprezent literally KcQc, 9c8c and myabe 2 combos KJs, anything else doesn t make any sence,
can he bluff? I don t believe that anyone semi kompetent will try to bluff on this turn, I have a lot 2pairs, sets, ...,

So can I call all in, when in best case I will split pot ??

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