Can we ever fold KK river?

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Can we ever fold KK river?

6 max pppoker 10-20 baht (comparable to .3-.6)

Villain HJ raise 60 (Effective 593) (abc player)
Hero CO 3 bet 180 KdKs (Effective 634)
Folds around to Villain who flats.

FLOP 7h5h7d (390 pot)
Villain check
Hero bets 130
Villain flats

TURN 6d (650)
Villain check
Hero bets 430
Villain flats

RIVER Qd (1510 pot)
Villain bets 144
Hero calls

Villain had QQ.

Can we ever fold here with Kd blocking a flush? My thinking was that my hand pretty much looks like an overpair and him being an abc player would probably not put in a fishy bluff knowing that on the river but on the other hand my hand is so strong lol.

Appreciate the advice in advance!

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