Can we ever fold this set?

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Can we ever fold this set?

Blinds: $0.10/$0.25 (8 Players) MP: $25.75
UTG+1: $27.46
MP+1: $40.73
CO: $27.35
BN: $30.44
SB: $34.18
BB: $25.00 (Hero)
UTG: $22.93
19/12 1k
WTSD 24, WSD 58
Agf 27/28/20
Preflop ($0.35) Hero is BB with 8 8
UTG raises to $0.75, 5 folds, SB calls $0.65, Hero calls $0.50
Flop ($2.25) 4 8 2
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets $0.71, SB folds, Hero raises to $2.25, UTG calls $1.54
He snap called.
Turn ($6.75) 4 8 2 A
Hero checks, UTG bets $3.55, Hero calls $3.55
I think I could made a bet here and go bet/fold bet/fold. It seems more efficient vs this guy. By checking we are basically missing value from 99-KKs AxXs and calling him to bet with the flushes.
River ($13.85) 4 8 2 A 7
Hero checks, UTG bets $6.20, Hero
I dont expect 44 and 22 to even open pre.. if not, then fastplaying the flop or checking back the turn or river. A8s is only one combo, maybe A4s? Seems thin to me. Especially from this guy who based on his stats is imo short on bluffs (cant remember any bluff played by him) and also not thin vbetting enough. But on the other hand, can we really fold such a strong hand?

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