Cbetting 3 Bet pots

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Cbetting 3 Bet pots

What do you guys think is the best Cbetting strategy OOP in 3bet pots?
Some good players go with the rangebet for a small size still, and othes mixes more with small and big bets and checks depending on texture.
What's the pros and cons with both strategys?
I was thinking about because we are OOP it makes more sense to not use small sizings very often, especially on boards wich will change often on turn/river cards. Because of obvious reasons, we need more protection OOP and benefit more from building the pot before texture changes.
Ofcourse there are still decent amount of boards were i think small sizing makes sense because its nothing IP can do about it, A72r KK2 paired boards etc.
But boards where equitys will change alot on future streets, it dosent make sense to bet small?

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