Choosing bluffing combos on monotone flops

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Choosing bluffing combos on monotone flops

I was hoping for some advice on choosing the right combos to bluff with on a monotone flop. I guess the basic question is do I always need a matching suit card in my hand?

I had the this hand recently at 0.02/0.05 3b pot, blind v blind. I basically figured that in this spot, how many flushes does V have that he has 3b pre. I know it’s blind vs blind so ranges wider and I have no blockers but it’s only NL5 so I thought KJ, JT and maybe KT/T9. He can’t have 98 or 87 and don’t think he’s 3b pre with 76dd or less so he’s only got 3/4 combos max. Obviously he has the range advantage and has sets, 2 pair and Ax hands, but I can have basically all the diamond combos in my calling range, so it seemed like a good spot (although in hindsight I think my raise should be bigger). Plus I've also got outs to the straight which I thought was relevant.

But, would I be better off with a pocket pair with a diamond? Or hand Hand like KdJc?

When V x/c on the flop, I figure making a pair on the turn doesn't really change anything, even though I now have some SDV, I figure I'm never winning.

I'd love some thoughts on what would be the best hands to bluff in this and/or similar spots (or if it's just a bad idea in general). Thanks:

UTG - UTG ($5.12)
MP - MP ($5.44)
CO - CO ($8.22)
BTN - BTN ($6.92)
SB - Hero ($6.09)
BB - BB ($14.90)

Preflop: ($0.07, 6 players) Hero is SB with T♠ J♠
4 folds,
Hero raises to $0.15,
BB raises to $0.45,
Hero calls $0.30

Flop: A♦️ 8♦Q♦ ($0.90)
Hero checks,
BB bets $0.47,
Hero raises to $1.20,
BB calls $0.73

Turn: J♥ ($3.30)
Hero bets $4.44 (all-in)

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