Co vs Bu 3bet pot - flop X/R?

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Co vs Bu 3bet pot - flop X/R?

Blinds: $0.08/$0.16 (6 Players) BN: $30.67
SB: $12.40
BB: $46.09
UTG: $21.45
MP: $21.04
CO: $44.11 (Hero)
Preflop ($0.24) Hero is CO with Q J
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.40, BN raises to $1.60, 2 folds, Hero calls $1.20
Flop ($3.44) T 7 K
Hero checks, BN bets $1.68, Hero raises to $4.16, BN folds
Final Pot CO wins $6.49
Rake is $0.31

Villain: 17/13, 3bet IP 6%, cbet IP in 3bet pot: 89%, fold to X/R - 100% (total) - 798 hands

Preflop this hand falls into my calling range vs 10bb 3bet - my range gonna be: JJ-77, AQs-ATs, KJs+, QJs, JTs, AQo as default...we are bit deeper shall I change my calling strategy here ?

On the flop we have pretty good hand...the flop is better for villain as he has bit more nutted hands - I should have something like 10 combos of nutted hands here (16% of my range on the flop), villain could have something like 14 combos of nutted hands (17% of his range) is still better for villain as he is IP of course.

As villain cbets arround 90% freq in 3bet spots as preflop aggressor IP and uses quite small sizing we should X/R with some part of our range. I would X/R with 77+ and combo draws here + OESD with BDFD and AsQx - range looks like this: AsQd, AsQh, AsQc, AdQd, AsQs, AdJd, AsJs, QdJd, QsJs, TdTh, TdTc, ThTc, 7d7h, 7d7c, 7h7c - it is 15 combos - 6 combos of value, 10 combos of bluffs....I can therefore give up with some of my bluffs on bad turns - like with AdQd on non diamond turn and still have some bluffs on later streets.I think AsQx is the best hand as another bluff in my range because I can continue bluffing on runouts that improve bif part of my T and R continuing range - runouts with spades - and therefore have bluffs on the turn and river + I block his nutts flushes with this combo and still have at least gutshot to improve by the river.

What do you think about this flop X/R range? Is it good or should we play different strat here, I mean call more often and X/R rarely? I think this makes sense this deep.

Not sure about 100bb deep spot as SPR would be less than 1 on the turn after my X/ should we play 100bb deep? I would rather call more 100bb deep as SPR is pretty low in this spot....we could X/R with our value hands - 77+ and with weaker bluffs because we don't wanna fold our equity if villain 3bet shoves on the flop....In 100bb pot I would most likely X/R as bluff with AdQd,AdJd,QdJd and AsQx which is 6 combos + we have 6 combos for value...if villains 3bet shove on the flop we have to defend arround 45% so he doesn't profit from us folding too often...we will defend 50% here. I also think it is good to call with combo draws here as they have great equity and our calling range gonna be stronger on later streets...if we X/R our combo draws here we have profitable call vs flop 3bet all-in given the 100bb starting stacks but our calling range will be very weak and we will overfold on later streets especially as we are OOP.

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