Combo Draw vs AA, flop play

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Combo Draw vs AA, flop play

SB: Joothup: $25
BB: m-lady-lover: $29.28
BN: NoHubris: $51
Preflop ($0.35) (3 Players)
NoHubris was dealt J 9
NoHubris raises to $0.75, Joothup folds, m-lady-lover raises to $2.25, NoHubris calls $1.50
Flop ($4.85) 3 8 7 (2 Players)
m-lady-lover bets $3.22, NoHubris raises to $7.50, m-lady-lover raises to $27.03, and is all in, NoHubris calls $19.53
Turn ($62.13) 3 8 7 9 (2 Players)
River ($62.13) 3 8 7 9 7 (2 Players)
He flipped over AcAs, so a flip.
Final Pot
m-lady-lover has A A NoHubris has J 9 NoHubris wins $57.66

I think my flop play in this situation was good, especially if I want to balance my range of check-raises between made hands and semi-bluffs. 

However, if he had a set on the flop, and the betting goes the same, should I call the all in, considering we're 33.84% to win (2:1) against a set, and we have to call $19.53 to win $38.90? Does our previous bet count as dead money at this point?

I think a call in that situation is in order, since he may show up with an over pair (a flip) and even sometimes just top pair, top kicker, which we are ahead of. Plus, we still have very close to break even odds against the top of his range.


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