Community thoughts regarding whether microstakes speed poker is beatable

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Community thoughts regarding whether microstakes speed poker is beatable

I'm a member in various poker groups on facebook and discord, and also watch a few microstakes streamers. I have noticed that recently, within the last 6 months especially, there are a lot of people in these groups who are saying microstakes speed poker is very difficult to beat. The reasons most commonly cited are that there are not enough fish and the rake is too high. I also know of some RIO members, who I consider to be good players, who are struggling to beat speed poker. I myself have accepted that I am unlikely to ever win consistently at speed poker, so I now focus on regular tables. My strategy now is primarily focused around bumhunting at regular tables on different sites. This can take a lot of effort, especially on sites that have low traffic. You can be waiting a long time just to get a seat or be forced to play HU until a table fills up. If I'm sitting at a table and don't see an obvious spot within a couple of orbits, I typically bail and look for another table. Not ideal, but I find this better than speed poker where you can't table select at all.

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