Confusion between different GTO solutions

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Confusion between different GTO solutions

I've been toying around with the GTO Wizard trial playing against the NL50 solutions and I've noticed significant differences between GTO Wizard and a solver app I use called Solver+. So far it seems GTO Wizard has preferred the more aggressive actions on the river. I'm wondering why there's such a discrepancy? Is it because the rake is higher at NL50?

I also noticed GTO wizard has no restrictions on sizings used vs other presolved libraries. Does this make it a bit less practically applicable? I would have thought they should have narrowed the solutions down to the best sizes in any given spot?

I'm just confused about which solutions to trust, while they are mostly the same EV wise the frequencies differ wildly.

As an example:

My solver says that checking the river here is the highest frequency action (but all other bet sizes are the same EV as checking). But GTO Wizard says the check is a mistake and that I need to overbet the river. Solver+ also prefers a cbet on flop whereas GTOWizard checks

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