Constructing Flop Strategy on KQ4tt Btn vs BB SRP

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Constructing Flop Strategy on KQ4tt Btn vs BB SRP

Hi guys. I was working through a board texture this morning in Pio, and was wondering from any of you guys that study in Pio a lot, whether on KQ4tt if you would have only a 1/3rd sizing or 2 sizings, 1/3rd and 2/3rds pot? It makes sense to me to simplify the strategy here and only have the one sizing. I ran both in Pio and got (EV OOP: 3.155, EV IP: 5.845) for both runs. Since the EV's are the same (or very close if I ran the sims further), it doesn't seem like I'm losing out on much, but gain the ability to more easily employ the strategy in game. With two sizings (below), it prefers the 33% sizing most, and when it uses the 66% sizing, its usually always mixing in a substantial freq of 1/3rd sizing as well.

Just wanting to make sure of my thinking and confirm it with some of yal before I start simplifying a lot more strategies in the future, but potentially be overlooking something. Heard from a video I believe that as long as you don't incur more than a (I believe 3%) EV loss, simplifying a strategy to make it easier to execute in game is a good idea.

P.S. Also, wondering if someone can explain the difference between EV and MES to me? Been wondering that for a while. This is what I get on this sim:

EV OOP: 3.155
EV IP: 5.845
OOP's MES: 3.291
IP's MES: 5.975
Exploitable for: 0.133

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