contradicting ideas domination vs blocking

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contradicting ideas domination vs blocking

If blocking is relevant....(which I think it is) > then why is domination relevant.....(which I also think it is, in small pots)
ie you hold k2, there is a king on board...... KTJ turn 9........
forget for a second about straights.... we block a K because we see 1 and have one. also blocking KT KJ KK K9........ so we say if any pair of kings is good this one is good........ unless he shows up with K8, which we can blast him off. So how important is domination in ....I think the term is absolute. Dost (yes I said Dost...Dost then) blocking theory contradict domination? onnnn low spr were u are mainly looking for frequency hands. TP any kicker, would a range of every Ace and Every king be better then Broadway all pairs? 80bb deep

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