David/Sam Hand reviews

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David/Sam Hand reviews

stakes: 1/3 NL $500 effective stacks. straddled on for 1/3/5

-Tight UTG player raises to 20, 2 callers in front, I flat with AQspades on button (normally I would 3-bet this but raiser was v tight). big blind calls bringing in 5 ways to flop with $100 in pot.
-Flop KsTd5s giving me straight and flush draw. Checks around to me, I bet $65, big blind calls, everyone else folds. (pot now $230)
- turn comes 9c. bb checks, i consider barreling big here but check back given the 9 is going to be better for the caller's range and i want to realize my equity (although definitely see the merit to an overbet shove here, esp blocking QJ)
-river is 6d. bb bets 1/3 pot, i fold.

feel i played this too passive. any thoughts?

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