Deep 2/5/10 live bet sizing

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Deep 2/5/10 live bet sizing

Villain is a semi-thinking aggro rec with a degen streak on a superheater, seems quite tilted as he just got coolered by a gutter for 1500 or so. He probably feels like I've been owning him somewhat. The game is usually a fairly typical 2/5 but is playing big due to his action, half of hands are straddled, 10% double straddled.

Hero raises $40 from CO with 6h6c over a limp, villain calls BB, straddle folds.

Flop Js6s2h (100)

villain donk leads into me for 165 and I call. He usually sizes relatively normally given the pot. I was planning calling and raising any non-spade turn big.

Turn 4o (430)

Villain checks, I bet 350, villain calls

River 2o (1130)

Villain checks, I bet 800.

So I'm asking if I should raise flop and/or choose some other sizing on the river. He hasn't correctly bluffcaught yet it seems and has been getting value-owned pretty bad so I'm worried the sizing is kind of large. He never has a big or probably even strong preflop hand here. I definitely think his range is very weighted towards Jx/bad kicker when he checks turn.

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