Deep Stacked Facing 4-bet Live 1-3

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Deep Stacked Facing 4-bet Live 1-3

Villain description:

Villain is around 25, and very splashy. See him opening things like K3s in HJ to $20 with a couple limpers, have seen him go much wider than this as well in the past(offsuit connectors/AXo etc). Post flop he isn't afraid to put in bets across multiple streets. However, I do not know how he views 3 bet pots, and if he is going to do much 4 betting.

Anyways, described villain raises to $15 UTG full ring and has Hero covered, a Semi-Loose Fishy Reg calls EP with around $600(don't think he is that tight here, think he is prob calling way too many hands and always 3-betting KK-AA). Bad Aggro asian fish calls MP w $135

Hero has AK hearts in CO and a $830 stack
Hero 3-Bets to $75
an indian guy in the SB calls $15 not paying attention, when notified of his mistake, he calls the additional $60(get the feeling he is legit wide here), he has about $50 behind after calling.

UTG player 4-bets to $240, other two players fold, action to Hero

So, basically, There is $30 from the two callers on my right, $75+$50 from the indian guy in the SB(he isnt folding), and $240 from the UTG player, and my $75 3-bet. So $30+, $125, + $240 +$75- $7(rake) = $463

$465+$165( call) = $628
$628/$165 = 3.8 or 26%

I honestly do not know how wide the UTG player is 4-betting. I know he is pretty splashy and out of line in single raised and 3-bet pots, but unsure what he can show up with here. I feel confident in saying he doesnt have a wide or standard 4-betting range, but I have also seen him make plays that are unexpected, so I wouldn't be completely shocked if he can show up with something other than AA/KK. If we give him a range of KK+, and one combo of AKs, we have about exactly 26%. Do we just call here and proceed with caution post flop? I don't think he is 4-betting QQ here very often, but it seems plausible at a small percentage, but i do think he would mostly flat this deep and in these positions. However, maybe with the indian guy accidently calling, he could be making an isolation play a small percentage as well.

How does reverse implied odds work out here as well? If we flop a K, we do threaten to lose alot of EV, however, maybe we can fold some times based on bet sizings if we think he doesnt have enough worst hand/chops to compensate for KK/AA on a Kh texture.

A part of me wants to fold here to avoid variance, but I do want to make the best play as well.

I'm not really well versed in playing deep, so not 100% confident on how to view this situation.

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