Deep Stacked, How Should We Change Our Strategy?

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Deep Stacked, How Should We Change Our Strategy?

How does gto change when we are deep stacked? I'm talking like 150-300bbs. What are the most important broad concepts that we can easily learn and apply in game? Are there any essential videos on this topic?

So the first thing that I think off is that we can't stack off as light preflop. I assume this means that we should be careful about 4-betting hands that doesn't really want to face 5-bets and/or deep 1 pair stack-offs postflop, hands such as QQ-TT.

I assume that we should use bigger 3b and 4b sizings when deep stacked to increase the EV of our monsters.

I guess that some marginal hands that are fine with flop and turn fast plays for 100bbs might now want to take it more slowly.

As you can see my knowledge/intuition on this topic is questionable at best. What do you guys think?

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