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default strategy

Need some help here:)

So I've started working on my default strategy last week(dont know if I should call it gto since I'm probably starting with some simplified version). It seems to me like the most important thing to have in poker, especially on zoom tables where it's hard to get reads on your opponents(except for the pool reads of course). I know playing exploitative is more profitable especially in micros where players have huge leaks but I'm just gonna ignore that until I get a good understanding of some balanced default strategy, it should be worth it in the long run I think. Also finding and exploiting other players leaks after learning that can't be to hard since you can quickly see where they deviate from the optimal line.

My first question is, what should I be doing beside training videos and hand reviews/constructing ranges to get better? is it to soon for solvers?
Basically what I'm doing now is: I go watch a video(currently I'm studying from the ground up course) and then I try to implement that strategy in my game when I'm reviewing my hands. If I learn that I should have a polar raising range on wet flops for example I would find those hands in hand history and I would create ranges for each group(raises,calls,bluffs,folds).
Thats where I have a few more questions.
- How to balance ranges? I know that if you bet pot size then 33% of your range should be bluffs (same as you would calculate pot odds), that way your opponent cannot exploit you, that make sense. I guess with calling you should just look at his breakeven %. If he bets pot then you should continue with at least 50% of your hands. If you fold more than he can just always bluff and make profit. That's all I know about balancing ranges so if you could help me with that please.
- When I'm creating ranges for my default(gto) strategy, should I ever think of villain's range? If so in what way? Putting villain on a specific range makes no sense, since we're not planning on exploiting him.
thank you.

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