Defending 3bets OOP - semi tough spot

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Defending 3bets OOP - semi tough spot

Hand is from anonymous pool 25NL. Here is the link to roughly what their 3bet range looks like, it's roughly 5% of hands. I got into a discussion with study group on if K10s is a defend preflop or not vs this 7.4bb sizing. Where on wizard the continue range if HU looks like this and KTs is +0.34 EV. This is a 2.5bb open and a 7.5bb 3bet. In game I opened min and faced a 7.4bb 3bet so will make a small difference. So question #1 is what range would you continue with against a pool that under 3 bets, but is not aggro postflop? They will over cbet of course, but turn and river they drastically slow down unless they have "it."

Here is a link to the hand I played. I understand the donk bet is not a thing, but I think it works well and it's a super low frequency for me. I'm ok with how I played it post flop, I do think river is just a clear fold though vs this sizing combined with pool tendency.

Any Feed back is helpful thankyou

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