Defending against 3 bets IP @ 100bb [Co vs BB]

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Defending against 3 bets IP @ 100bb [Co vs BB]

IP response (shown below) when BB 3 bets approximately 66% of what GTO does, so BB is under-bluffing. My question as a live player is what to do when the sizing is a tad bit bigger and under-bluffed?

Example in a $2/$5 game $500 effective / 100bb
CO opens $20, BB 3 bets to $65

It would be my believe that typical live players in this spot are 3 betting something like TT+, AJs+ AQ+, KQs+ and not much else because they tend to just call unless they have a really strong hand. Some ranges may even be tighter than this. What hands would you continue with here?

Getting about 2:1 odds against a tight range. Are SCs like 87s profitable? What about smaller pairs 66-99?

*Snap shot below is taken from Daniel Dvoress Video. Just watched it today, but thought it would be a good forum discussion.

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