Defending the Big Blind Multiway

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Defending the Big Blind Multiway

A few hands that came up in my Live 1-2 game Friday


35bb older unknown guy makes it 5bb EP
two cold calls from recreationals of 50bb and 75bb
Hero has A7dd on bb covering

I'm genuinely not sure if we should be defending here. We need around 23% with the price we are getting(8/34; rake being factored into decision) Against deeper stacks I would say that this marginal situation could be turned positive due to "coolering" a recreational with a lower flush, but given the low SPR, and being OOP, it seems like the disadvantage might be too extreme, and I think we face domination issues from the PFR... It seems like another issue is the cold calling ranges; alot of recreationals will have things like A8o or A9o+ in range, meaning our A out is even less clean. I'm tempted to say the cut off for calling here would be a hand as strong as ATs, KTs, QJs, QTs JTs territory. Maybe even QTs not being strong enough. But maybe since it’s against 3 recreationals we can make some slight -ev pre calls granted we make up for it post flop in some way(them playing too passive, them using poor postflop sizings that let us play extremely well etc)

LJ w 35bb raises to $6
2 cold calls from 50bb stacks
Hero has T7s on BB

even versus the smaller sizing, I'm thinking this is still a fold preflop. If there was a player in the hand that was making exceptionally large mistakes, I could see merit in defending a tad wider with some marginal holdings, but being OOP our equity should drop, plus being multway will hinder our ability to bluff/realize equity additionally. I'm thinking a good cutoff point would be around T8/T9s, and as the PFR gets deeper being more confident about the T8s/T9s region.


2 Limps w $250 and $150 respectively
Bttn jams $39(19.5bb)
SB fold
Hero has 99 on BB and covers

My inclination is to min repop to isolate. Calling seems not as good IMO because if I call, i can see limpers coming along as well, and that just seems unreasonable here to allow that much equity to be realized while holding a hand like 99.

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