Defending vs 3b’s when spr gets lower oop

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Defending vs 3b’s when spr gets lower oop

Live 2-5

Spot from today
HJ limps

Hero raise CO to 5x($25) 102bb eff

Bttn who I think is a reg makes it $75
Folds to hero...

I’m wondering if we really have a 4b sizing that isn’t a shove here? Like are we ever 4betting 2.5x to 37-38bb? Just seems super awkward, and I typically follow a heuristic of not 4betting 30% of my stack.

I’d probably transition to having some 4b jams and flat calls, and that’s it. But not sure if this is good/correct/may be missing something here.

Also not sure about flatting ranges too much as the spr gets very shallow here. Like if we call there is spr of 2.9, meaning we probably under realize equity given we face turn shoves rather than barrels.

Guessing we still want to have some flat calls given it’s Bttn vs co, but it seems pretty tough to have much of a range here I think. Like AJs, ATs, AQs(mix), JJ(mix), QQ(mix, but prob mostly jamming/small 4b)

Just don’t see how we can use like a 2.3x 3b oop, giving ip great odds. As when we do this, we really can’t have many bluffs.

this brings to mind, maybe we can use a smaller 4b sizing, but we end up having to be very linear


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