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Defining Bottom of Call Range Closing Action as BB Mult-Way

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Defining Bottom of Call Range Closing Action as BB Mult-Way

Hey guys, this is a spot that comes up often that I am not confident about.

Basically, I am playing a live 1-3 or 2-5 Game, and a player opens say 3.3x($10 @ 1-3) from MP, he gets like 3-4 calls, and I am on BB with a variety of different hands; Q4s, 64s, KQo, K6s, etc.... I am not sure where to draw the line in this multiway situations preflop.

On one hand I am getting good price and closing action, but on the other I am out of position in very multiway pot with relatively weak holdings, and I suspect a hand like 64s is not going to make much when I actually do make a flush as in a multiway pot people are going to be more timid of flushes.

Something like KQo is going to play pretty poorly OOP multiway as well, but I suspect might have a bit more value given it can dominate other hands that players may find themselves cold calling, so I could see this hand being slightly better than a 64s, even if not by much.

I wish there was a more concrete way to showcase this, but discussion here might be helpful..

Appreciate it,

Kind regards, Ryan

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