Determining Bottom of range facing 3b while deep Live 1-3

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Determining Bottom of range facing 3b while deep Live 1-3

Live 1-3

Notes on villain: he is a recreational player, fireman. He is straddling pretty much every button, and if anyone ever straddles the button, while he is the SB, he will put in a blind $10 from the SB. Aside from that, he seems to play reasonably post flop, and is doing some limping, but think is raising his broadways for the most part. He doesn't seem to barrel off and run huge bluffs postflop either from what I can tell, and seems capable of folding top pair. When he does have two pair I have seen him just rip it over a raise rather large on the flop and play for stacks. He has 3-bet me once before when I was isolating a limper. I had raised to $17, and he reraised to $60. I folded and he showed JJ. I saw him 3bet JJ earlier as well, so we know he is at least reraising JJ preflop

Hero Open raise Kc9c HJ to $13 and has $900 effective
Sb raises to $38 and has around $850 effective

Basically, I'm curious how wide I should be defending to a 3bet here VS a presumably tight 3b range. I know based on the notes I gave he may seem pretty splashy, but i have a feeling that this guy isnt well versed in preflop play and is likely 3betting relatively snug here. I dont think he ever 3bets Axs for example, and prob not suited connectors either, or something like KQo, and maybe not KQs, or AQo, and might not even 3b AK every time.

Basically, I'm not sure how to evaluate this situation and where to draw the line on my defending range. I would appreciate if anyone could help me gain some clarity.

K9 specifically has some reverse implied odds on K high and TJQ board textures, but i do think we can make some good folds postflop depending on the action. I know a major leak in micro stakes online is to call too wide vs people who aren't 3betting enough, and i think this situation is similar, except we are relatively deep, which may make defending wider range more reasonable.

I'm tempted to throw this into the fold category and defend things like 98s, T9s, JTs, QTs, KTs, QJs, KJs, KQs, AQs, AKs, pairs, and prob any suited Ax, as the nuts can be pretty relevant in a deep situation if the guy gets attached to a set or overpair almost 300bb deep.

I did call in the situation and think it is okay, but would appreciate some feedback from people who have played alot of deepstack poker. I have played the majority of my hands online in 100bb settings, so when I get deep like this my framework is a little more blurry.

Thanks and appreciate any discussion :)

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