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Did I play Aces right?: 10NL Hand History

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Did I play Aces right?: 10NL Hand History

We're on Global Poker playing .05/.10 6-max NLH.

CO (Hero)-$9.71

HJ open limps.
I'm in the CO with AA and raise it to .40
SB and BB call HJ folds.
Pot- $1.3

Flop comes Qh 9s Kd
Action checks to me and I make a pot size bet.
SB folds, BB calls.

Turn brings the 9h
BB checks. I bet the pot and get called.

River is 6s goes check check
BB tables Jc Th for the flopped straight

My thinking,

I don't like that I'm multi way with aces and the fact I didn't get raised tells me I'm likely ahead at this point as pocket Queens and Kings would likely re-raise pre-flop and I'm only really worried about pocket nines and and maybe some draws. I bet pot on the flop because; A, I want to thin the field, and B, I'm getting value Qx, Kx hands that make a up a good portion of the blinds calling ranges.

I'm happy to see the 9 on flop as it makes pocket nines unlikely for the BB. I think betting pot again was a mistake on my end. I'm far from the nuts and I'm not denying equity from draws, those are folding on the flop. Still I think I'm getting value from Kx hands and that is it. I'm also not blocking K9 or Q9 which are hands that call pre-flop from BB, so I don't like this bet.

The river is a brick 6s and I check it back. It dawns on me at this point that not a whole lot worse is calling me on the river and it would make sense for the BB to check some strong hands to the aggressor. Obviously AA is too good to bluff, and hands I get value from are scarce so I like the check here.

I think the 10h Jc call pre-flop is questionable and honestly, I wasn't even thinking of flopped straights as much as two pair and boats.

Is my head in the right place on this hand? Let me know!


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