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Did I take a bad line and make an error in my range analysis?

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Did I take a bad line and make an error in my range analysis?

1/3 Live NL UTG limps just over 300 effective SB limps 500 effective. HERO has KcKd makes it 23. Limper calls SB folds. Flop comes Jc 6s 2s and I decided to bet 36 (which I know is usually big but at that stack depth I wanted a lower SPR on the turn). Also , this player is spewy and I knew in a bigger pot this guy would call off light on turn with any combo draw weak Jack or possibly even 99,TT. Turn is a 6 of clubs (which I thought I should’ve sized out with my large flop sizing) and I jammed all in trying to get called by any Jack or combo draws and he snaps with 69 off suit. Another reason I took that line was because I thought it would simply my turn decision because he’d fold a 6 or 2 to my flop sizing. Is my logic incorrect here. Specifically do you have any suggestions or problems with my flop line? Or more importantly, do you think my turn jam was too thin?

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