Do we fire 3rd shell on a brick?

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Do we fire 3rd shell on a brick?

Villain in the hand is very sticky, don't have a hud, but the game plays similar to a home game, where guy is limp calling raises for 5bb or so with 94s from MP, so would say VPIP is 60-80% range. He is very passive in general, even limp calling hands as strong as TT and AQ.

This is a $1-$2-$4 (straddle) pot full ring. (Hero is effective stack)
MP and sb limp $4 each
Hero BB KhQh $22
UTG-s calls.
2 limpers fold.

Flop ($52) Tc-7h-6d
hero ($332) bets $17, utg calls

Turn ($86) Tc-7h-6d-6h
hero ($315) bets $75, Utg calls.

River ($236) Tc-7h-6d-6h-3c
hero ($240) KhQh ?

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