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Dynamic preflop opening range construction question. Any feedbacks? Should we create different opening ranges based on stacksizes/ players behind us?

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Dynamic preflop opening range construction question. Any feedbacks? Should we create different opening ranges based on stacksizes/ players behind us?

Some Questions regarding preflop ranges. (kind of long...)

I heard that you said you should have folded 67s preflop from that position. And your just in the mood to play and of course that's fine. It happens to me too more than often... so

My question here is:
If we are on the CO. And the BTN is a weak tight reg that doesn't give us any trouble, the blinds are deepstacked fishes that calls a lot OOP.

I figured we can open up our CO raising range. (When I used to play mostly online I just play a solid, and mostly static range preflop with the occasional loosening up because the games are much tougher than live poker. - which I'm playing now)

Do you think its +ev to open up from CO or even MP given the above described scenario is true? And if true, how do we figure out how wide exactly we should open up our range? like your hand with 67s. When can we justify opening 56s, or 45s from CO? How could we figure out the exact range cutoff of hands that we just don't open pre?

An issue with this is, if we mess around with our preflop range, and get 3bet. It will hard to determine what ranges defend with a dynamic preflop range. We may open up to being exploited by not defending enough, or defending too much. Also going to the flop in a 3bet pot with a range that we are unfamiliar with opens up to even more exploitation.

What is the best way to create non-static preflop opening range. Is it correct to just familiarize myself with wider opening ranges + wider defending ranges if we face 3bets?
And also know our "standard" opening ranges/ defending ranges.

^^ if you think the above is how we should approach this issue.
How do we construct an exact range to open up? Like from CO we open 67s, but what about 45s,56s. How do we determine exactly which hand is the exact cut off point where we don't open at all? I think our range needs to be precise because only then can we figure out our defense frequencies vs 3bets.
Because obviously opening 45s from CO as a standard in a normal 100bb game is probably -ev even if the blinds are bad players.

(Also I ask this because I used to play standard online 100bb games, I'm familiar with ranges I should play/ defend in these games. But now I'm playing live super deep games. Usually 200bb-600bb deep guys sitting at the tables with a lot of loose callers. Some with aggression but most are passive preflop)

Would you create two different ranges for these games? If so, how would you approach constructing two different preflop ranges being deepstacked. One for standard opening ranges vs competent regs / unknowns. And another one range for exploitative like the CO example I suggested above.

Or would you just keep one standard range for deepstacked, and one static range for 100bb stacks and not have two different ranges based on table player positioning?

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