EV of hands when adjusting

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EV of hands when adjusting

  1. Premise: We adjust to tight players by folding the bottom of our range. So for example, a nit opens and the you are holding a hand that is the bottom of your range at 0.01 EV. Normally you would call, but against a narrower range you fold.

  2. Now what do we do with hands that have the same EV when called/3bet vs this opponent? Against a balanced player we can do whatever we feel like, but against a tighter range, are we always opting to call?

  3. Now what do we do with hands that work marginally better as 3bet vs a balanced opponent? For example, a hand that has x ev when called but has x+0.01 when 3bet. Normally we 3bet these hands all the time. But since we adjusted by folding the bottom our range with 0.01 hands, do we now subtract 0.01 overall, turning these marginally better 3bet hands into hands indifferent to calling/3betting? (which puts them in the category 2)

My intuition and experience says the 1 is correct and 3 is incorrect. I don't think 3betting ranges change that much vs tighter ranges, but calling ranges do change significantly. I am not sure about 2. I don't have any mathematical proof for any of this, and I was wondering what everyone else thought about it. If my premise is flawed let me know. I can easily see a GTO counter argument that says you don't need to adjust your range at all, or one that claims "get good and exploit his tight range on boards where he miss", etc.

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