Evaluating USD EV adj stat in holdem manager

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Evaluating USD EV adj stat in holdem manager

Hey guys I was wondering about the EV adj stat in holdem manager. It seems that no matter what I run under EV every year by large amounts and I was wondering if this is normal. For my career of 1.1 million hands I've made 177K but it says I shouldve made 278K. EVery year I'm running under EV except for 1 year in the 5 year sample I have and that was only over by 4k while most years its under by 30K plus.

I believe most of this discrepency in my sample comes from 5/10 and above where I've played 168k hands and lost 59k when I shouldve won 55k . Just looking at 5/10 NL and PLO combined in 160k hands I've won 18K but I shouldve made 92K . Is it normal running 74 buyins under EV in a decent sample like this or is just very bad luck? Overall I've demonstrated a positive winrate but running 100k under EV has had a huge impact on the career as I havent made much money and now my bankroll is in a danger zone. What do you guys suggest from these numbers.

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