Exploits in 3 bet pots

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Exploits in 3 bet pots

Looking to discuss general exploits vs unknown fish population in 3 bet pots . Mainly when Hero is calling a 3bet IP vs blinds. Find myself getting barrelled off a ton and finding the right bluffs when checked too. Overall not winning the pot alot/capturing my share of ev. And I don't see big mistakes being made to exploit.

vs Checking range on flop seem to be balanced / leaning towards overly strong mostly.

on turn after Villian c bets flop and checks turn I don't find a bunch of folds with my lighter floats probe bets . And river , not too much experience with , but assuming if they call flop/turns they're going to a call a lot of rivers w/ a range meeting under MDF but not by a lot.

Vs cbets on turn not exactly sure , but seems to be leaning towards value due to overly strong range.

vs Cbets on river are likely highly imbalanced towards value.

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