Exposed card

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Exposed card

Live 2-5

Who I perceive to be an ABC reg 4x HJ
Co folds and reveals K5o

Folds to hero on Bb w K7s, 850 eff

Basically I’m wondering with the additional info, is it wise to start taking basically any Kxs and 3 balling it, essentially blocking his KK and AK really hard. I’d def do it with any Axs, and maybe it’s good with AJo/ATo given the 4x sizing.

I don’t think he will read too much into it for me getting out of line, but will obviously understand combonotorics I think postflop, just seems Kx and us having a Kx is pretty nice for hard blockers. However, a lot of players are going to flat AK pre to a reraise anyway, so we aren’t blocking 4b range as hard as we would be had us an A in hand.

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