Facing a cold 4 bet with JJ and QQ

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Facing a cold 4 bet with JJ and QQ

*Hand #1*
[TAG] CO ($800) opens $20
[TAG] BTN ($1K) JJ 3bet to $65
BB - 4 bet to $155 ($300 or so behind)

older Asian guy a bit unorthdox as i've seen him cold call 3 bets in the past with 88-JJ range and some AJs and AQo hands. Not sure what to make of his style, seems loose passive, but also spazzes postflop with top pair.

Co folds
Hero ?

*Hand #2*
BB is a bit nitty as i've seen him limp call from EP with AJs AQo hands and limps other hands as well Scs, 22-99 etc. His 3 bet range is usually JJ+ AKs with AKo being a mix.

HJ is unknown, but over the 1 orbit we played together, I raised AKs $20, he calls 88. SB 3bet to $65, I 4bet AKs to $240, and he shoves 88 in for $300, so a bit of a fishy player. Another hand he opens $15, gets 3 bet to $50, and shoves for $600 with JJ. Small sample, but seems over aggressive with most PP 88+.

3 folds
Hero ($1300) LJ QQ opens $20
HJ ($450) fish 3bets to $105
BB (2k) nitty 4 bets to $210
Hero QQ?

My thinking was, BB did a min 4bet to make sure action stays open incase I call and fish ships, then he'll have option to reship. In game I elected to fold in this spot, I am not sure what the correct play is long run at this stack depth or even at $500 stack depth (100bb) What are you doing with QQ?

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