Facing an overbet OTR vs capped range!

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Facing an overbet OTR vs capped range!

Hi guys,

I decided to post this hand to ask what do you think that villain is overbetting on the river

I think villain barely has some slowplay sets- since he has got an opportunity to either raise the flop or stab on the turn.
He possibly can have some random collected twopairs such as Q2s,92s,62s, but with the first mentioned I would expect him to stab the turn some of the time and the rest I doubt he is calling preflop. possibly slowplayed 96s, Q9s and Q6s. At the end he could hit the set on the river. .

That being said I think we can say that villain is going to have approximately 10value hands - even probably less than that
So the question is if villain is capable of bluffing with at least 4 or 5 combos? I would say yes even though he is probably betting most of his bluffs on the turn.. my range looks so weak and he has still some Ax or weaker hands which he could x back on the turn and fire the river.

However, he can have some Qx, cant he? I would expect him to be stabbing the turn or choose a smaller sizing on the river, (And also raising the flop sometimes) but still hands like Qjo,QTo could possibly take this line (maybe even KQo or Q8s).

Then the question is that what type of hands do we want to call? Well ideally those which do block his value or at least are not blocking his bluffs. It would be nice to block Qx, but we barely have some Qx in this line, Maybe A2s,J9s,T9s.JJ,TT.. any thoughts?

My question is also would you expect from a regular to be balanced/underbluffing/overbluffing on the river?

P.S. maybe there is also an option to block bet really small on this river, but still it is not a solution in general, because we are still going to have some checking range on the river

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