Facing flop raise, turn bet w FD+Gutter OOP

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Facing flop raise, turn bet w FD+Gutter OOP

Hero raise HJ QJhh 100bb 3x
Bttn calls 100bb and seems to be a multitabling reg
Recreational in BB calls

Flop Ah4h9c
Pot 9bb
BB checks
Hero cbets 3bb
Bttn raises to 8.5bb
Rec folds
Hero calls

Turn Ko
Pot 25
Hero checks
Bttn bets $16

In hindsight, I think we can probably be raising this turn, because I think the button is giving away the strength of his hand by using a small flop raise against my 1/3 cbet, basically telling me "hey, I have a medium strength hand that doesn't want to bet too big to make your worst hands fold", and thus I can attack hard, especially with this much equity.

BUT, say in a more standard situation, and without that (potential) information, and a larger flop raise, would we want to be developing a river lead strategy on hearts? Is this a thing? It seems like to make this hand profitable OOP, we need to be leading some hearts, because villain is definitely going to be very passive on heart rivers I imagine. I think the answer is probably a yes, and I will be working with PIO to see what it does, but just wanted to throw this out there for discussion. Just not sure what hands really make much sense to turn into bluffs. A hand like AQ has too much SD, likely same with AJ(if we even get here on river with it), but maybe specifically a hand like AJ with a Jh blocker could make some sense, blocking some two pair, hearts, and trying to get a hand like AQ to fold, or even A4/A9/44/99.... Suppose that MIGHT be the answer. Not sure I would put this all together in game TBH, but I suppose being able to turn it into a bluff might make the marginal turn call okay, and then it allows us to balance other part of our range.

I don't know though, it doesn't seem too great. If a hand is too weak to call on the turn, it's just to weak to call on the turn.

Maybe Being OOP this just becomes a raise/fold, and we aren't meant to do too much calling. That makes sense too. We will have AK combos, and QJ, QT, KQ, KJ, KT hearts all seem pretty good combos to put into a turn bluffing range to balance out our AK

/end rant :)

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