Facing multiple limpers with medium strength hands.

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Facing multiple limpers with medium strength hands.

Hi Team,

I am almost done with the ground up series by Peter clarke, but this is mostly based online. Although most concepts do transition over to live.
One thing I struggle with and have no way of knowing what is best is isolating players. Typically i'll go $20+$5 per limper ($3/$5), doesn't work as well as most people would hope in terms of isolating. Hands like small pairs 22-77, or SCs 65s-T9s I tend to mix up between going $20+$5 or just throwing in a small raise to get some of the blinds to fold and gain initiative. I used to do this at $1/$3 a lot and made some decent money with these little "pot builder" raises.

Some people say if there are 3-4 limpers it's worse to over limp in the CO/btn with J10o and it's best just to fold it or raise big $40-$50 and punish the limpers. I find over limping to be ok in this spot especially with the pool limping in with hands like KJ and A10. I tend to value own myself with top pair for two streets targing hands like 88-99 or 7x on J72 boards.

Typical spot as an example.
You are in the CO
EP limps. MP limps. HJ limps.
hero Co
What would you do with the following hands?
A) 77 (over limp or raise ? bet size )
B) J10o (over limp or raise ? bet size _
C) 87s (over limp or raise ? bet size
D) A7s (over limp or raise ? bet size
E) KJo (over limp or raise ? bet size _

Typically with 3 limpers I would put in a raise to $35-$40. I question if just throwing in $20 to get BTN & blinds to fold is a thing? I gain initiative, I have position if btn folds, and often times they will check to the PFR. I do not bloat the pot, given $500 stacks. I do not assume anyone will fold to $20, so SPR will be around 6 with $480 stacks and $80 pot opposed to around 3 SPR ($140 pot with $465 stacks).

This is geared towards live poker where players are often limping in random broadways, SCs, Kxs, Axs, small and medium pairs, etc. Their raising ranges are quite tight as I posted in another thread being around 8-10% [77+, AJ+, KQ+, A10s+ QJs+, KJs+ (9.35%)] Against their raise just looking to set mine and play hands with robust equity. Against their imps, I am not sure if I should be over limping, making a small raise, or a large raise?

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