Facing slight overbet mult-way lead shove Live 1-3

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Facing slight overbet mult-way lead shove Live 1-3

1 Limp from weak passive older gentleman $150
Hero CO raise AhTh to $18 $500 effective
Bttn cold calls and is younger/unknown/get vibe he is on the tighter side
SB cold calls and has $123 behind
BB calls and is a passive fish
Limper calls

5 -way to flop
Pot = $83
SB leads all in for $123
2 folds
Action on Hero
Bttn has $350 behind

1st inquiry)

I think our decision is to either call or jam, and I am leaning towards a call because the bet size is quite big, and if the bttn flat calls, we can just jam turn given the SPR granted a clean non spade turn. Jamming just kinda makes the button decision easy, and I also dont expect him to bluff jam if we call, meaning we can correctly fold if that happens

2nd inquiry)

What would the weakest part of our range look like here? I can see the SB lead jamming here with some spade draws, AT, maybe some KT. I think would prob just defend KT+, and NFD, and any combo draws I may have like 67ss or 56ss

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