Finding out player pool overall opening ranges by position

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Finding out player pool overall opening ranges by position

Is there a way to use HM2 to find out the overall opening ranges of your player pool by position?

I know you can in theory create an alias with everyone in it in HM2 but it's not doable in practice. One (possibly stupid) thing I've tried to do in HM2 is to check the number of pots when I'm in MP and the EP player open raises, then divide it by the number of unopened pots when I'm in MP.

This exact example kinda checks out (= roughly 20%) but when I try in other positions (e.g. BTN and CO, SB and BTN) the results look inaccurate (CO supposedly opens 35% and BTN 57%, but I know my player pool is tighter than that) so I might be missing some math concept that screws that up.

Thanks for reading, any answer would be appreaciated.

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