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Finding Overbet in Mult-Way Spot

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Finding Overbet in Mult-Way Spot

50NL Bovada

Hero raise AsQx UTG 3x 100bb
New guy with 100BB who has played 6/9 hands so far calls on my left

Tighter player who seems loose passive calls Bttn w 80bb stack(guessing alot of broadways, PP's, suited connectors/gappers, maybe some suited Kx.

Flop 8s6s3s
I start with a check here, and probably okay doing this with range, planning to do some check raising very polar, and facing check backs, can do alot of turn betting/overbets with various parts of range.

Turn Kc
I consider a overbet, but decide on a 70% lead, they both call

River is a blank 2x
I decided to give up here given I got called in two spots, and was concerned that the loose guy on my left can be uncapped given he is likely a fun player, but in hindsight, even if this is the case, I think they both just have alot of weak Kx in range, so even if they call with some flat called AK, and have some slowplayed sets/flushes, theres still a ton of Kx like KTo, KJo, KQ, that will have a hard time calling a 150% river overbet.

Just looking for a bit of confirmation into my thoughts, or maybe some else I could be considering. I haven't broken it down in flopzilla yet, but I think as long as they are folding weak Kx to the overbet, we can probably get it through, and if not, we still have flushes in range that can play this way. Just dont think we can bet anything less than pot here with our bluffs as there will be alot of Kx that will call, so we have to get it through or just exploitatively give up if we dont think it will be successful often enough.

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