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First Post/Weird Hand History

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First Post/Weird Hand History

I'm a break even NLH player at the micros. I'm from South Carolina, playing on Global Poker at the micro-stakes, (open to suggestions for other unregulated sites.) Recently, I'm on the slightly losing side and have come here to re-build my game from the ground up. Yes, I bought the course and think Peter did an excellent job making digestible and appropriately challenging content for players like myself.

I have a hand history I was hopping to get some feed back on, so I'll just get right into it.

We're playing $0.05/0.10 6-max on Global Poker. Villain is UTG with $8 in his stack and I am the BB with $12 behind.

Villain limps UTG, action folds to me and I open to $0.30 with TT. Villain calls.

Flop comes 6s 3c 5d.

I check the flop. My thinking is that this flop whiffed both of our ranges and I wouldn't get value enough. I was hopping to induce a bluff or give him a chance to pick up some outs on the turn and go for razor thin value then.

Villain goes all in ($7.90 into a 65 cent pot), I call. Villain tables 2h 4h for the flopped straight.

My thinking was that any over pairs that beat me wouldn't limp call pre-flop. I don't think he should have pockets threes either, but based on his weak pre-flop performance I'm not eliminating it. So I'm thinking I'm facing, at best, 18 combos of value and a whole lot of air. I'm certainly not expecting 2h 4h limp/cold calling UTG, even at the baby stakes.

I'm interested in hearing some thoughts. I feel like the ridiculous raise merits some respect, but I'm also worried I'm over folding if I lay it down here, with such a dry board that I'm mostly missing anyway.

Any ideas on what a pre-flop range of some one who limp calls UTG with 2h 4h looks like?

Let me know, please!

-Penguin Knight

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